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Our Home Buyer Qualifications

Our Home Buyer Program is current PAUSED for the season. 

Willingness to Partner

  • Must be a legal U.S. resident.
  • Applicants will perform minimum of 250 Sweat Equity hours.
  • Willing to attend Habitat for Humanity homeowner’s meetings and financial literacy courses.

Ability to Pay

Income You need to have a legal, verifiable income of at least $33,350 for a one person family and more when a family consists of two or more members. More details.

Credit Criteria Must have a minimum Credit Score of 630 or higher to close on a house. Debt-to-Income ratio of 40% or lower: calculate your income versus the debt including

  • Minimum payments
  • 5% of collection
  • 2% of student loans
  • 1% of medical

Not sure what your credit score is? Check it on Credit Karma for free!

Bankruptcy must wait two years after being discharged and reestablishing good credit to apply.

Foreclosure must wait 3 year from foreclosure to apply.

Outstanding Debt Applicant Can’t be delinquent on Student Loans or Child Support.

Liens No open liens or judgments against the applicants.

Need for housing

Your current housing conditions are substandard. This could be due to structural, plumbing, heating, or infestation problems, or any of the following:

  • Living in overcrowded or substandard housing.
  • Does not own a home at time of application.
  • Paying more than 35% of gross income on rent.
  • Unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage.

Home Buyer Story

“I was previously employed for over 17 years at one of the largest healthcare systems in Southeastern Michigan. Unfortunately, I am now on long term disability.

I am a single parent to a wonderful 10-year-old. She wants to be a pediatrician when she gets older.

For the past few years, we have been living in a two-bedroom townhome. When we first moved in, I was working full-time and my financial situation was better. Things changed once I was diagnosed with a rare chronic medical condition and was no longer able to work. With my income reduced, I was now living off of 60% of my former income. I knew I had to seek out a better place for my family when I began paying almost 40% of my income towards housing.

During one of my support groups, I asked if anyone had any recommendations for safe, affordable housing. Thank God one of the attendees suggested I look into Habitat for Humanity!

I submitted a homeowner application and continued to pray and wait. In the meantime, I started attending family partner meeting. We were overjoyed when we were officially notified that we were accepted into the program! The timing could not have been any better because my lease was set to increase again. Now I was going to have to pay 50% of my income towards housing.

Home ownership was something I had given up on once my income was reduced. Especially since no one in my immediate family is a homeowner. My parents and my siblings are all renters. It is truly a blessing to be the first person in my family to own a home!”

– Kenyetta, Macomb Habitat Homeowner

“ Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Habitat for Humanity. Not only are you helping me become a homeowner, but you are also helping me heal. I can now turn my focus back to getting well instead of worrying where my daughter and I will be living. ”

Kenyetta, Macomb Habitat Homeowner

Home Buyer Questions

In general, any person or family who meets the 3 basic Habitat criteria can qualify for a house. Often these are people who are unable to meet banks’ income and credit history requirements.

A Need for Shelter: Your current housing conditions are substandard. This could be due to structural, plumbing, heating, overcrowding, or infestation problems.

A Willingness to Partner: 250 sweat equity hours are required of each adult family member, and a $1,000 down payment will be accumulated over the course of the homeownership program. This may include Habitat office work, helping with Habitat functions, working at our Restores, and/or on-site building.

Ability to Pay: Legal verifiable income that falls within our income range. Employment, credit, and manageable debt histories are all reviewed and weighed.

The program is currently paused for the season.

In Person: This is the fastest and most efficient way to submit your application and be notified if you need more documentation.

Via Mail: Mail your completed application and all required documents to our main offices located at: 22005 VanDyke Ave. Warren, MI 48089. Please note: If you are missing documentation, it may take longer for you to be notified.

Email or Electronic Submission: In the interest of privacy, we do NOT accept electronic submissions at this time.

Once we receive your initial application materials, the wait may be up to five months.

Applicants determined “ineligible” are usually notified within a month. The building process is subject to weather and the availability of volunteers, labor, and materials.

No, you are not required to be working to qualify. However, you must meet the income requirements outlined in the Family Selection Criteria.

Macomb Habitat requires applicants to wait a minimum of two years after a bankruptcy before applying for a Habitat home. This two year wait gives Habitat a window to see how successfully you’ve managed your finances since the bankruptcy.

Yes, our homeownership program is geared towards first-time prospective home buyers

No, food stamps are not considered income.

Wait to hear from the Family Selection Committee–typically this will occur within 4-6 weeks of successful application submission.

One of three scenarios will occur:
1. You will receive a letter requesting additional information.
2. You will receive a denial letter.
3. You may receive a call asking to schedule a home visit.

No, you cannot choose your location, but you do have the option of turning down a location. The next available family will then be offered that location and your name will be put back on the waiting list.

Yes, you may still apply for a Habitat home as long as you meet the income requirements.

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