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Critical Home Repair Program Qualifications and Application

Please review the general program qualifications below.

Willingness to Partner

Applicant meets all deadlines during the application process, attends required events, classes, and meetings, and completes sweat equity (time spent volunteering with Macomb Habitat). We work with our clients to provide sweat equity options that are manageable for each individual – sweat equity does not need to be completed in construction. The number of hours required is determined by the cost of each applicant’s project, and can be between 5 – 20 hours.

Ability to Pay

Applicant is current on mortgage payments and taxes, has a current homeowner insurance policy, contributes a portion of the repair costs, and demonstrates income earnings that stay within our program guidelines.

Need for Repair

The current home is in poor condition, not energy efficient, unsafe, or does not meet city codes.

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