Youth Transforming Macomb Habitat

Child Smiling

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. – Franz Kafka

I love this quote. And I embrace the young people who join our team, volunteer on site, and creatively address our challenges. They see the world through different glasses.

Take Chaos, one of our internal assistants – or Damon, a ReStore Manager. I rarely hear them complain or become frustrated. Why? Because they see the world in a beautiful way.

I might be thinking that our trucking situation is critical, but they will view it as an opportunity to find people who want to help. They are not “jaded,” for sure. And they can often be less than realistic. But sometimes, that doesn’t matter because they come up with creative and amazing solutions.

Furthermore, youth today are super intelligent when it comes to IT. What takes me fifteen minutes to figure out will take them 30 seconds. Their fingers fly over the keyboards and bring life to graphics, charts, and presentations that capture an audience’s attention.

These youth breathe beauty into our blueprints and into the very wood that holds a house together.

Consider Hannah who crafted handmade plaques to hang over the beds of a family that Macomb Habitat helped. Those plaques were so outstanding and heartfelt that she was awarded the Volunteer Youth of the Year Award last November at the Habitat Gala.

Friends, I have five young people living in my own house, and I am often taken aback by the pure and refreshing way they view the world. It appears that no barriers exist when it comes to what they dream about or envision for their future. The youth at Habitat have these same qualities.

At Macomb Habitat we appreciate youth. We seek them on our staff. We urge schools to send them to volunteer (17 and older for liability purposes), and we encourage parents with children to participate in our Homeownership Program. Every kid needs a backyard and their very own bedroom.

If you know of a young person who would like to work in our stores or in the Construction department, send them our way. If you hear of a family where mom or dad have children who need a safe home, direct them to Habitat. And if you just have a thinker at your family who happens to be classified as a youth, send them our way.

I’ll treat for ice cream if they solve my problems!

With every best wish,

Helen Hicks
President and CEO