What Does Summer Mean To You?

As I look over my shoulder at the frigid mode of winter and the fickleness of spring – I am actually looking forward to the steaming days of summer and all that they mean to our Habitat.


Summer is build time. Our team, and hundreds of volunteers, will work on projects that range from new builds to homes that require significant exterior repair work.


Many volunteers are unsure of how they can help because they have never worked with tools or performed any serious home repairs.


But let me say this: I am a prime example of someone most likely to take a life with a hammer. So, if my team can teach me, they can teach you too!


And believe me, you will learn how to do things that seem difficult at the beginning of the day and less difficult by 4 p.m.


Summer is also sort time. This is a period during the year when you can sort through the items you might have in your attics and garages.


Make two piles. A pile to keep, and a pile to donate to Habitat’s ReStores. Then, when you are finished and enjoying a big glass of sweet tea, call us at 586.263.1540 and we will arrange to have a truck come your way for an “easy-peasy” pickup.


Finally, summer means golf! Join us on June 8th as some of us golf and others gape and laugh. Yes, that includes me! I always spend the day thanking people and watching amazing donors hit the ball in ways I did not think possible. Details on the outing are included in this newsletter! A huge thank you to our title sponsor, Complete Interactive Technologies. Go Mike!


You can spend your summer “putzing” around the backyard weeding, or you can come out and make a difference in the lives of others by volunteering, donating, or golfing for Habitat.


It’s too hot to weed anyway, so join me. I just don’t do roofs.