What Does Spring Cleaning Mean to Me?

I’ve been told I look at things differently. I agree with that assessment, so when asked to comment on spring cleaning, I see this in three ways:


  1. As a faith-based person, I try to use the month leading up to Easter as a time to “throw out” my bad habits. I’m not talking about drinking too many Tim Horton coffees (although I really should reduce the sugar). What I’m referring to are those little things that need working on that I sometimes choose to ignore. Examples are: a messy desk; forgetting to use my phone extensions to call staff (I use my voice); and returning calls in a more timely manner. It can also mean visiting a sick friend more often or dropping in on a lonely senior. It’s time to spring clean!


  1. Spring cleaning also means getting rid of comfortable programs, committees, vendors, customs or actions that don’t work anymore. I like to look at the whole menu of things and with the help of a very fantastic staff, decide what needs to go and what must stay to meet our mission. This year, for example, we are going to increase the number of Brush With Kindness activities that we schedule and reduce the number of builds. We are consolidating three committees into one so that a team of very cool people can help on a series of events. And, we are adding board members to bolster our influence in the community. It’s time to spring clean!


  1. Finally, spring cleaning means going through my drawers, closets, basement, attic, and garage to move items that are not being used to a place where they will be used. Perhaps you could join me and do the same thing? Our two ReStores could certainly use a boost of items that you might not be using anymore. We really need all of the things you might find in a kitchen. Dishes, cups, glasses, silverware, coffee pots, microwaves, and so much more. It’s time to spring clean!


Spring cleaning is many things to many people but the common theme is clearing out the old or unused and finding a new home or place for them. I hope you will spend a few minutes (or hours) spring cleaning and then don’t forget to send the fruit of your labor to Habitat. Whether it’s your time, talents, or treasures, – we will take them all!


It’s time to spring clean, my friends. Now about that extra spoon of sugar…