Welcoming the Silver Anniversary Tour

Dear Fiscal Year 2017-18,

I’m a tiny bit sad to see you go, because you were filled with new donors, volunteers, board and staff. You brought me happiness – but you were short-lived. Twelve months wasn’t long enough for me to really get to know you. So frankly, I’m moving on to a relationship that is going to span the next 25 months. I’m ready for something really spectacular and mind-blowing.

I’m moving on to 2018-19 and the Silver Anniversary Tour – a series of unbelievable events and programs designed to celebrate Macomb Habitat’s 25th year of serving low-income veterans, seniors, and families. 

While the creative minds designing this 25 month tour are still hard at work, a few of the events have surfaced and I’m excited to attend every one of them.

Week of July 1 – An appeal will reach all of our donors and volunteers who have an email address. In celebration of our anniversary, we will ask for an online gift that bears the number “25.” For some people that will mean a gift of $25.00, but for others, it may mean something much larger.

No matter the size, the gift will make a difference to the bottom line and allow us to move forward with less debt and more strength.

November 9 – Hold onto your hats. It’s a Galapalooza! Macomb Habitat is celebrating in grand-style with the world-famous group: The Passing Zone. These amazing jugglers have performed for the Royal Family and for the White House, just to name a few. Their one hour act will be the culmination of an evening filled with food, drinks, awards, and a short message of thanks from a Habitat homeowner. Be prepared to fill a table for this fantastic celebration at Andiamo in Warren.

I have a strong feeling that the next 25 months are times I will remember and embrace forever.

I hope all concerned will come along for the ride and make stops on the way with me. It is a significant accomplishment when a non-profit organization reaches such a profound milestone, and I plan to be laughing and celebrating every moment.

Goodbye Fiscal Year 2017-18. And hello Fiscal Year 2018-19.

I’m so ready for the parties, the hoopla, and the fun. But more importantly, I’m ready for the life-changing things we can do with our arms intertwined. Volunteers. Donors. Partner families. Board. Staff.

2017-18, you were good, but I want more. I want more homes for veterans who served our country and placed their lives in danger’s way. I want more neighborhoods improved and more blight removed so that folks can feel proud when they stand in front of their front doors. And finally, I want more collaboration, creativity, and team spirit as we celebrate, contemplate, and orchestrate the most exciting time in our agency history.

Frankly, I’m glad to see you go. Don’t judge me. But I’ve always been a girl who went for the prize – strove to reach the end goal – and wanted to help the most.

The best is yet to come, and that is what I’m going for this time around. Happy Anniversary to Macomb Habitat! And hello Fiscal Year 2018-19 and the Silver Anniversary Tour!!!!!


Helen Hicks
President and CEO