We are Grateful for Ford’s 30 Under 30!

Photo credit: Ford Fund

Every year, the Ford Fund selects 30 professionals under the age of 30 and pairs 5-6 of them with each carefully selected nonprofit. From a pool of 600+ applicants, the team is chosen. Fortunately, Macomb County Habitat for Humanity was selected this year to be one of the six agencies to benefit from these remarkable minds.

I have been very impressed with the talent our team has shown. These are folks whose thinking abilities are “off the charts.” They have the ability to to seek out the weaknesses in an organization and then systematically find solutions.

Our team is represented by Eric Hum, Lani Duffy, Westin Pulizzi, Dhivya Srinivasan, and Alexander Breg (pictured below).

Photo credit: Ford Fund

At the conclusion of our time together, these 30 Under 30 will have identified a core issue and will have crafted a skillfully sought out solution. Using Design Thinking they will examine that issue from every angle and finally find one that best produces a result (Once they have a final issue and solution, I will write about it in a future blog so stay tuned).

In the meantime, though, please know that the Ford Fund, their leadership and teams – are volunteering hundreds of hours to make life better for the men, women, and children we serve.

They “prefer” little fanfare but they “deserve” a ticker-tape parade.

Kudos to these bright amazing young professionals who find room to touch our Habitat in such a positive manner.

We notice and we are grateful. Go Ford!