Time To Get Busy Again…

We have completed another fiscal year in a positive manner!  That’s the GREAT news.  However, if I have learned anything over a lifetime of leading successful non-profit organizations, there is no time to sit back and yawn, while patting ourselves on the back.

We need to look at every facet of this organization again and decide what worked well and what could be tweaked.  We don’t want new technology, best practices, and new fundraising techniques to pass our doors unnoticed.

But more importantly, there are far too many folks who are hoping to become responsible homeowners – seeking a hand up, not a hand out, to do anything other than commit ourselves to excellence.

Therefore, in the next year, here are a few of the things you might see more of or less of:


* Products in the ReStores – we are now trading with other affiliates who have items that we do not have, our Women Build team is also featuring new products for sale built from scratch (wine racks, birdhouses, planters, etc.), and be on the lookout for a mix of Motown Soup inventory including their soups, dips and desserts!

* Trucks on the road to pick up gently used items from your garage or first floor

* Volunteers packing items after estate sales and then selling those products in our ReStores

* Veterans being served

* Brush With Kindness projects targeting seniors

* Projects for volunteers, especially church and corporate groups

* Opportunities for corporate support and sponsorships

* Committed Committee and Board members


* Low end product in our ReStores

* Waiting time for ReStore donors

There are many more things we will look at as we move forward, my friends.  But two consecutive years of positive numbers will not leave us apathetic or disinterested in new trends, better customer service or happy partner families.

The work continues.