Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Smile You're on Camera

Generally, my blogs are positive and uplifting. It’s who I am, or at least, who I want to be!

But today, as I sip the warmest drink I can find, I am going to address an issue we are having in our ReStores and my tone is less than happy. It’s a common issue that other non-profits are experiencing but it’s rather frightening to me and a sign that some people think they are getting away with a crime, but they are not!

Our issue is theft!

Thanks to the recent implementation of many new cameras and other equipment that I will not divulge, we are beginning to catch the thieves who have infiltrated our stores.

Just to be clear, not every person who shops in the stores is a thief. Actually, the majority of customers are wonderful folks who are looking for good product at a fair price.

But there are others who think that they can get something for nothing. And they would be wrong!

Moving forward, the rings of thieves who come in and distract the staff, the seemingly cunning individuals with hats and baggy apparel, will no longer be able to swipe nice product from the shelves and swoop it into their coats.

Enough is enough!

Moving forward, we are blowing up the photos of the thieves and hanging them in our stores on our Walls of Shame. These are large photos, and they will show the act as it takes place. We are also working with the local police to prosecute thieves to the fullest extent of the law. And, we have security in places and people that thieves won’t suspect. There will be no second chances on this end. Stealing from a charity that is trying to help, is just too low to go!

Just so you know, we will always work with people on pricing, especially our regular customers who support us every week. But in the end, the people who have no morals, no shame, and no respect for themselves or others, are simply going down.

I’m not in a great mood over this blog, but I wanted you to know what we are experiencing in our little corner of the world. Clearly, a double hot chocolate is in order after this blog.

Stay warm. Be kind.