Thankful For The Board

I have been in the non-profit sector since I was 21 years old. Much of that time I have had the privilege
of holding an executive position and working with a Board of Directors.

Some of those boards have been amazing, and others have not. Many great and talented people have sat
on those boards and during their time – they supported and lifted me up exactly when I needed it.

I fondly think back to Jimmy Jenkins, Neal Rubin, Howard Zollar, Dawn Drozd, Heidi Sharp, and others.
To this day, many are dear friends, and I marvel at their integrity, dedication, courage and life-giving

Today, though, I focus on the board as a group. And with no discussion, our current board of directors is
the most unified group I’ve seen.

They laugh at our meetings. Not just a small chuckle or a lopsided smile. These people roar. They praise
each other and joke. Clearly, the respect they have for each other and for the staff is evident and
demonstrated by how they listen and refuse to tear us or one another down – even when they disagree.

More importantly, when there is a problem or a challenge, this group moves into action. They pick up the
phone and make calls; they pray; and they take out their checkbooks to give.

There is a bond on this team and the mutual respect we share, – makes coming to work a pleasure. There
are no hidden agendas or efforts to malign or trump someone or something.

This season, and every season, I give thanks to all of the current board members, new and seasoned – who
care deeply about the Habitat mission and show it by being examples of that mission. Each of these men
and women provide community, homes and hope to Macomb families, while acting like the One we serve
in church, synagogues and temples.

I’m blessed. We are blessed

Happy Thanksgiving!