Spring Cleaning

At our Habitat, we are doing quite a bit of spring cleaning.  Some of our cleaning is taking place in our offices, at both ReStores, and in our company vehicles.

But honestly, most of the cleaning is in our attitudes and how we treat customers and each other.
What do I mean?

It is one thing to look at all of the things we own and then throw out or recycle the items that are worth saving.  But it is much more difficult to look at ourselves and determine what qualities or attributes we should save or toss.

The leadership team has recently focused on this and there were some changes that have truly made a difference:

  • We are focusing on customer-service in our stores
  • When you walk in the door, you will be greeted, told about specials, and made to feel important.
  • Donors are being thanked in new ways and with a renewed spirit
  • Staff are taking time out of their lunch period to learn new things like why cigarettes might be disastrous to one’s lungs and how stress can actually kill


We are cleaning our minds, throwing out bad behaviors, and trying everyday to be better employees, staff, and people.

Take some time to think about the things you would like to clean or freshen.  The internal stuff is just as important as the garage and basement stuff that keeps building up.  Get rid of the items that you aren’t using anymore or the ones that keep blocking your way to a successful future and a happy life.

That’s what we are doing at Macomb Habitat and we’d enjoy some company on our journey!