Servant Leadership

Every year, we focus on ways in which our Habitat affiliate can grow stronger and become even more effective than the year before.  This year, we hope to accomplish those goals by focusing on the concept of “Servant Leadership.”

What is Servant Leadership?

It is a call to be both servant and leader at the same time.  Servant leadership is a paradox but not a contradiction.  It can be said that the opposite of a leader is a follower and the opposite of a servant is a master.  For us, the words follower and master are not relevant.

Why? Because a person can be both servant and leader at the same time.

What are some examples of this concept that Macomb Habitat will institute?

  • Besides working with our partner families on improving their credit and instructing them on how to care for their house, we will refer them to other resources in the community.  We started doing this in 2018 when we paired families with Gleaners Community Food Bank who filled their pantries and refrigerator with perishable and non-perishable food items.
  • Our Board of Directors will find one day during the year when they can work side-by-side other volunteers and staff to paint and trim a home.
  • Our leadership team will listen and learn from members of many communities to see how we can help.  This will include members of the refugee and lgbtq communities as well as our more traditional communities which include single mothers, seniors, and those living with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.
  • Corporations will help us to learn and become more open and excellent. PNC sponsored a series of trainings and the first will be held on January 13th.  This Diversity Training will teach all of us how to be more accepting in the workplace of people who may have different orientations and beliefs.  We will leave our own set of understandings at the door, serve everyone without treating anyone better or worse, and then go home to our own worlds.  We can serve and lead at the exact same time.

God calls us all to Servant Leadership, and here at Macomb Habitat, we are listening to that message.

Please join us in 2020 as we find new ways to serve and lead.  The possibilities are endless, and the rewards will be amazing.

Happy New Year everyone!

With every best wish,

Helen Hicks
President and CEO

  • Information based on the book, The Christian as Minister, Fifth Edition, 2001, Robert F. Kohler and /Joaquim Garcia