Miracles and Acts of Kindness, the Habitat Way!

At Macomb County Habitat for Humanity, I have witnessed many acts of kindness.  Just this week, I was told about a young man who had volunteered at the new ReStore in Shelby Township.  He was working in the back room and saw seven lawnmowers in a corner.  He approached a staff person and asked if he could buy one of the mowers because as a new homeowner with little money, he really needed one.  The staff person told him that the mowers were for our Habitat home projects and that only one of them was working.  He did add, however, that if the volunteer could get any of the other lawnmowers working, then he could take one home.

In a few hours, all of the lawnmowers were working and the volunteer left with his own mower and a feeling of happiness about Habitat he will never forget.  Miracle?  No.  Act of kindness? Yes.

This is just one small example of hundreds of acts of kindness that we see every month – the volunteer who cleans out and labels cabinets without being prompted; the donor who sent in a check when we needed it most; the local mall that collected pennies in their fountain for us; and the companies that adopted a home for a senior veteran we were serving.  Over and over the acts just keep coming our way.

But the miracles, they are fewer.

There was that one unbelievable miracle grant that came from heaven, I’m certain.  And there was that one company (Randazzo Heating and Cooling) that saved the day when our homes were vandalized by donating new energy efficient furnaces and hot water tanks.  Oh! And there was the buyer who made a great offer on our Groesbeck ReStore a few weeks after the For Sale sign was posted.

Still, the miracles are far and few between.

This month, we know the acts of kindness will continue to be a part of our reality.  But what all of us are hoping for is a miracle that shows up in the form of a used van or a small pick-up truck.  We need these vehicles for our Deconstruction and Construction Departments.

We don’t have to have a new vehicle, although that would be very nice, of course.  And we don’t shy away from vehicles that have decals or signs, because we can always have them painted.  Finally, we are not opposed to mileage – as even a vehicle with 100,000 miles beats the one van we have with the odometer that is showing 180,000 miles.

But since we are seeking a miracle, we are hoping for a fairly nice-looking, well-running vehicle that can accommodate toilets, cabinets, and sinks in the back. We remove them from businesses and homes and then bring them back to our ReStores for sale.

And then, after all is said and done, a veteran, a senior, or a low-income family will be able to purchase one of our very lovely houses and have a place that they can call “home.”

Can you help us to achieve our miracle this month?  Do you know someone who can help?  Can your business budget accommodate a gift of $5,000, so we can purchase a used vehicle?  Would you be willing to host a wine party for your friends and ask for a freewill donation?

Acts of kindness are a part of the Habitat culture, for sure.  But this month, my friends, we need a miracle in the form of a van or a truck.  I’m wishing for it.  I’m praying for it.  And I’m counting on you.

You are the miracle I am seeking, and I hope to write about you or your company this time next month.