Home Ownership FAQ’s

Home Ownership FAQ’s

We’re happy to answer all your questions. Here are a few of the ones we hear most often.

Who can qualify for a Habitat house?

  • In general, any family who meets the 3 basic Habitat criteria can qualify for a house. Often these are families who are unable to meet the income and credit history requirements of banks.


What 3 criteria must a family meet to partner with Macomb Habitat?

  • A Need for Shelter: Your current housing conditions are substandard. This could be due to structural, plumbing, heating, overcrowding, or infestation problems, as examples.
  • A Willingness to Partner: 250 sweat equity hours are required of each adult family member. This may include Habitat office work, helping with Habitat functions, or on-site building.
  • Ability to Pay: Employment, credit , and manageable debt histories are all reviewed and weighed.


Once I submit the Home Ownership Application, then what?

  • Wait to hear from the Family Selection Committee–typically this will occur within one month of application turn-in.
  • One of three scenarios will occur:
  1. You will receive a letter requesting additional information.
  2. You may receive a denial letter.
  3. You may receive a call asking to schedule a home visit.


Is a credit check required?

  • Yes, a credit check is required of all families who proceed beyond the Financial Review Meeting.


Must I be working to qualify for a Habitat house?

  • No, you are not required to be working to qualify. You must, however, meet the income requirements outlined in the homeowner application.


Will a “bankruptcy” make me ineligible for a Habitat house?

  • Macomb Habitat requires applicants to wait a minimum of two years after a bankruptcy before applying for a Habitat home. This 2 year wait gives Habitat a window to see how successfully you’ve managed your finances since the bankruptcy.


Are food stamps considered income?

  • No, food stamps are not considered income.


Can I still apply for a Habitat home if I’m currently Section 8 and/or qualify for low-income government housing?

  • Yes, you may still apply for a Habitat home.


What are the time frames for application approval and building completion?

  • Once your initial application materials are turned in the wait can be up to five months. Since the process is quite involved and there is so much at stake, the Family Selection Committee and the Board of Directors takes ample time to thoroughly consider each family’s unique situation. Applicants determined “ineligible” are usually notified within a month. The building process can vary and is somewhat dependent on weather, volunteer labor & materials.


If approved, do I get to choose from among the available locations?

  • No, you cannot choose your location, though, you do have the option of turning down a location. The next available family is then offered that location and your name is put back on the waiting list.