“Home” of the Free Because of the Brave

I know a man named John who has been a volunteer with our affiliate for years.  He’s such a gift to us!

He often performs the jobs that no one else wants to do like scrubbing the floors of our Warren store or helping with the lighting ballasts and other “easy” tasks.

There’s a lot to this man and because he is so humble, we often don’t know that he’s a bit of a hero and very brave.

First, he cares for a vey sickly wife who is handicapped and wheelchair bound most of the time.  He is patient and gentle which is a blessing to her.

He also volunteers as a low-income board member on our board, – looking at issues from the eyes of a community servant.  He keeps us “down to earth” and real.

A few days ago, John called me and asked me about a vet build that we have going in Clinton Township. It is a culmination of many donations given to us by a host of wonderful corporations who care about veterans and others who have served.

John wondered if he might apply for the vet home.  He said it gently and with hesitation but he also said it with the confidence of someone who understood that home was built with energy efficient materials, by the hands of caring volunteers, and with the love we all have for veterans who have been at the forefront of situations that called for extraordinary courage.

I told John to apply for the home and to allow us to “serve” him this time around.  The home has a first floor laundry room.  It will have a ramp.  And it will still allow him to worship at his local church and keep the doctors who help his wife and him through fairly major medical issues.

It may take a few weeks for John, a veteran, to box up his belongings and make arrangements to move.  But that’s a good thing because we still need a few more items for the “new” home.

We need grading, a driveway, some flooring, a furnace and a hot water tank.  We could also use some flowers and a couple of trees to bring the outdoors to life. We need about $20k more to finish the project!

And then, when the weather is a little bit softer – when the last leaf blows away and the summer sun warms our arms and legs and hearts, – then, and only then, will John, a servant, a husband, a dutiful volunteer and veteran, – turn the keys to his new front door and to a lifetime of happiness.

If you would like to donate an item or simply make an unrestricted donation, please do so on our website at:  macombhabitat.org.  As you do so, please remember that John stood up for our country with pride and courage and now we can all stand up for him.  It’s time now for John to have a safe affordable home because he placed freedom first before anything or anyone.