Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit ornaments

Dear Friends:

“The spirit of Christmas is always near; it shines like a beacon throughout the year. Don’t look in a store or high on a shelf; for sharing and giving are found in yourself.”  – Unknown

This little poem made me chuckle because it is so true.

At Macomb Habitat for Humanity, the spirit of the holidays is found in the people who help us each day throughout every season.

In some homes, there is the tradition of “Elf on a Shelf.” But here at Habitat, we have thousands of loving elves who assist us in home construction and rehab. Large and small companies help. So do families and individuals who care more about others than themselves.

In some homes, families read “Tis the Night Before Christmas.” At Habitat we read blueprints, drawings and the Bible to guide us along.

While we don’t hang ornaments or wreaths, we decorate every home with the signatures of the men and women who volunteer their time. Those names are found on the wooden beam at the bottom of the basement stairs of both new and renovated homes. New homeowners look at those signatures throughout the years they spend in their homes as a forever reminder that someone cared to help them improve their lives.

We avoid holiday sweaters and velvet best. But denim and warm jackets are the uniform of choice when doing the work of the Lord.

It’s a humbling experience to meet so many kind and giving people each year. I stare into their eyes and see nothing but love and generosity. There is no judging, grumbling, or self-serving behaviors. The spirit of the season is with them as they tile, grout, roof, install, and serve.

As this year comes to an end and another is ready to begin, please know how much each of you is appreciated and valued. The work of many becomes the home of a family – providing possibilities that include college education, better food, and a safe place to sleep and live.

The holidays can often become overbearing and materialistic. But at Habitat, the spirit of the living God is awake and alive in each of us whether it is January or July. It endures the beating sun and raging cold. And it will burn brightly in out hearts as long as we put others before ourselves.

Twenty five years has come and gone like a shooting star. The future looks very bright, my friends because of your enduring gifts of time, talent and treasures.

From all of us at Macomb Habitat, may the spirit of the season which washes over us every single day, live in your hearts today and always.

Helen Hicks
President and CEO