Giving Thanks for My “Other” Family

Grateful Thankful Blessed

I have spent a great deal of time this year blogging about the many volunteers and donors that make Macomb Habitat work. They are essential in meeting our core mission of providing community, homes and hope to the many families we serve in the Macomb area.

But there is one group of people that I’d like to talk about today and for whom I am extremely grateful. My staff!

We have 19 men and women who are very dedicated to this mission. Each person is quite unique and has many different talents. I try to find time every now and then to have coffee or lunch with them, and some are overdue. (I have to catch up this New Year.)

But what I love about this team is that they are extremely diverse. They are seniors and youth; have many different skin tones and ethnic backgrounds. They are different in whom they love; and they are completely unique thinkers. Some can multi-task and others like to focus on one thing at a time. A few have hobbies that are a bit radical like biking. I’m not sure if everyone goes to a church every Sunday, but I know for sure that they treat each other and the people they serve with respect. I suspect they have varying political views, but we keep those perspectives at home. At work we are all on the same page: No Democrats. No Republicans. We are servants called to help those who need a hand up.

I see this family leaning on each other, too. When my beloved mother passed away, staff came to show their respect and many attended the actual funeral service. When one of our staff had a very ill father, we all rallied together and prayed, sent cards, and called. For those without vehicles, a handful of staff volunteer to pick them up. (And the list goes on.)

As you sit at your Thanksgiving table this year and give thanks – you might look at your family and think, “We are so different. How can we come from the same parents or grandparents?”

At Macomb Habitat, I sometimes think that as well. “How can all of us be so completely different and still work together as teammates – laughing side by side, praising and supporting each other?”

But then I remember. We are family. Accepting. Forgiving. Welcoming.

There are people in our community who do not have a family. I’m beyond blessed because I have two. The work family and the home family!

Happy Thanksgiving work family! You are an amazing gift to me every day, and I thank you.

Helen               P.S. No fighting!