December: A Season to Remember

December is a very personal month in so many ways for families.  Each of us has some memory of a celebration, a loved one, a special recipe, or a tradition that matters.  Our non-profit organization, though a business, is also a family.  And our family looks back and remembers the wonderful things that happened during the year.

The 2016-17 fiscal year brought us so many great things:

  • We settled into our new ReStore in Shelby Township. Every week we generate more necessary cash to keep our mission alive!
  • The Warren store broke all records. With new leadership, we were able to capitalize on customer service and new products.  The transformation was beyond amazing!
  • The Board of Directors changed dramatically. New leadership came our way bringing different contacts and gifts.  And two of our most beloved Board of Directors, Dawn Drozd and Brian Crabtree, saw their terms come to an end after many, many years of amazing work.  We lift them up and hope they will stay close as they are loved and appreciated.
  • Our Deconstruction Program continued to generate dollars and product for the ReStores. In case you did not know it, anyone can hire us to deconstruct their bathroom or kitchen for a nominal fee, and we will haul away the items you are discarding such as cabinets, toilets, sinks to be recycled in our stores!
  • We kept great staff and hired two Baker interns. One is off for the cold season but the other is currently working in our administrative offices.
  • We continued to focus on creating a very diverse environment (on the staff, board and among our partner families). We remind ourselves everyday that we do not want to be all of any one group but part of a rich and diverse group of folks with different cultures, orientations, and experiences.  This is central to our core value of serving all who want a “hand up, not a hand out.”
  • We have reached new numbers: 146 homes built/rebuilt and sold; 187 adults housed; 316 children impacted; 1,097 volunteers involved; 27 religious groups committed and 9 communities served.
  • The support we received from the corporate world broke records. Thank you to an anonymous donor who gave us the largest non-government grant we have ever received.
  • Gratitude is owed to the Macomb County and to the City of Warren for channeling government dollars our way so that we could build/rehab homes. Both are wonderful partners.


The family is tired because every minute of the year was full of so many blessings.  We will all sit down in our kitchens or fall on our knees on Christmas Day and give thanks for so many.

God is good and we will look forward to another year of tremendous growth and love.  Hopefully you will join us on the journey…the Silver Anniversary experience, and be a part of what keeps this vibrant meaningful mission so relevant and and alive after so many years of caring.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and peace to all.