Celebrating Earth Month at Macomb Habitat in April…and Always

Whenever I think of Earth month, I think of all that our Habitat affiliate does to save the planet.

First, and foremost, I think about our ReStores which are wonderful places where many gently used treasures can be found.  Folks who care about the Earth, choose to donate housewares, outside gardening equipment, furniture, and other wonderful items to Habitat.

Why? Because they do not want to see those items in landfills.

Most needed right now are vacuum cleaners, dressers, bedroom sets, bedrails, and gas stoves.  If you have those items, don’t throw them away when you are tired of them.  Please give us a call and we will pick them up at no cost to you!

Those stores also recycle cardboard and metal items that are not useful for resale.  This helps save our environment, and can, at times, generate a bit of cash for our affiliate as well.

Another thing our Habitat does to protect the Earth is to plant trees and flowers at our buildsites just before a partner family closes on their home.

Dave Tirsell, Manager of our Volunteer and Faith Relations Departments, is a Master Gardener, and he dazzles all of us with fabulous way of brightening up small spaces with colorful gifts from God.

Finally, if you know anything about the way in which we build or rehab homes, you would understand that we only install energy efficient furnaces, water heaters, windows, and doors.

This is important to us because we want our homeowners to have the lowest possible heating bills, so they can save money on their utility bills.  More money in their pockets means a positive future!

Whether it’s donated doors, windows, couches or tables – the Earth is being considered at Habitat.  From an outside perspective, the gardens and landscapes we create reflect how much this glorious planet means to us.  And from an interior perspective our homes are solid and highly energy efficient.

All of these things matter to our delicate ecosystem and to the living beings who cut a red ribbon on their front doors as they walk into their forever homes as tax-paying citizens.

April is Earth month, but so are the other eleven months of the year at Habitat.

Be careful to recycle, my friends, and may the Earth be with us for many more light years.