Can You Make Ten Wishes Come True This Season?

People always tell me to be honest with donors and volunteers. They say, “Tell them the real deal. Don’t pretty up the truth but rather, tell them what you truly need.”

And so, during this season where miracles happen and dreams come true, I’ll do just that.

I need to find a handful of special donors who will help us finish a few projects and objectives that fall outside of the budget and norm. Some are small but most are very big.

I’m going to list these projects and pray that someone will read my blog and then step forward to help. If you do, and if you give the ok, I’ll mention your kindness next month in the December column. So here goes:

  1. We need a gift of $1,200 to finish a house in Eastpointe. No government money is scheduled to cover the cost, so it becomes our task to find a kind person or persons to do so. We will use the money to cover the cost of purchasing materials needed for hardwood flooring. A single mom is scheduled to move in by January and if the house isn’t ready she will have to sign another six-month lease and the house will continue to sit. Can you make this wish come true?
  2. We are looking for a donor or group of donors to meet a yearly fundraising goal of $25,000 in one area – the amount of money we must send to Habitat International to pay for our Habitat membership fee. Can you host a dinner? Gather 25 friends for a wine party and ask for donations? Set up a GoFund Me Page and share with your friends and colleagues? This yearly bill which equates to $2,083.40 a month – is very draining for our affiliate, and we could seriously use some help. Can you make this wish come true? 
  3. We seek a person with very deep pockets. Why? To cover one quarter of all operational costs for one year so that we can strategically shore up our efforts, pay down any debt, and become whole and strong by January 2018. That gift of $250,000 could be spread out over the course of a few years but could be the reason we make a serious difference in low-income housing in Macomb County. In return, the donor would have naming rights to our Warren ReStore. Can you make this wish come true?
  4. We need a church (or group of churches) who would be willing to make it their task to stock our shelves with housewares every month. Housewares are our second best-selling category and we need more product. Could your church ask its congregants to bring in the following items: dishes, silverware, coffee cups, any kitchenware, vases, knick-knacks, glasses and such? Then, they could bring the items in each month and we could name the aisle after your church! Can you make this wish come true?
  5. We would like to purchase paint, paint supplies, and other new items to sell in our ReStores. All other product we sell is gently used and donated. This new product generally “flies off the shelves!” Can you or your company sponsor this for us at $500 a month for a year? We can put your family/company name on that aisle! Can you make this wish come true?
  6. Habitat’s insurance is very, very high and we need your help! It is steep because it covers volunteers on our build sites – not just staff. Our total yearly cost (not including our trucks and vehicles) is $120,000. Could you help by offsetting a daily cost of $328.80? A week at $2301? A month at $9,204? Can you make this wish come true?
  7. We need to complete a new home in Clinton Township that has been built for a veteran by a handful of companies that care about our veterans and service people. The home is 80% completed but still needs new kitchen cabinets, landscaping, interior doors and trim, and flooring. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them that would be awesome! In cash, however, we will need about $15k to complete. Can you make this wish come true?
  8. Does your company want their name on everything we print for a year? If so, we seek a gift of $4000! That’s $333 a month. This is a great way to market your business! Can you make this wish come true?
  9. Do you have a used box truck that you can donate to us? We need a second truck for our Warren ReStore so we can double the donations we can actually pick up. The truck must be reliable but it can be older. Can you make this wish come true?
  10. With gas costs high, especially during the warm season, we would appreciate any donations you can provide. We will accept gas gift cards or plain ole cash! Our yearly costs are about $4000. Can you make this wish come true?

Okay. I’ve “bared my soul.” I’ve laid it all out, and I am now keeping my fingers crossed for a blessed and amazing response. If you can help us in any regard, or if you can take a piece of any one of these wishes and make them come true, please give me a call at 586.263.1540 X 101. If I’m not answering, it’s because I’m out of the office making an ask. But if I’m in, you are my highest priority at that moment in time.

It’s Thanksgiving, my friends. Let the spirit of the season touch your hearts, so we can transform the lives of all we serve. Ten wishes. A lifetime of change.

God bless you,

Helen Hicks
President and CEO