A Few Words from our President and CEO

Dear friends:

Change. That’s what a good business is all about and our theme for Macomb Habitat in 2017!

First, we have moved our corporate offices to Baker College in Clinton Township to be part of a pilot program where all campuses could potentially adopt a charity (such as Macomb County Habitat) and provide interns, financial sponsorship support, reduced rent, free utilities, and much more. Come check out our new digs!

Our Groesbeck ReStore has sold, and we are moving to a more “donor centric” area in Shelby Township, just north of M-59. Check us out if you are in the area! The Township has been very warm and welcoming to us as we become new neighbors in that community.

Additionally we have hired a couple of fantastic staff that have added positive change to our operations, development plans, retail operation, volunteer cultivation, and construction department. This newsletter represents one of those changes and as you read more…you will see how change can be a very positive thing for non-profits and all businesses.

Still, one thing will not change as we embrace 2017 – and that’s the respect and admiration we have for our future homeowners who are working, providing sweat equity, and looking forward to a future of hope.

Thank you for walking beside us as all of these things are accomplished and if you would like to be a part of our great change, do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

I love a good cup of coffee or tea and I’m all ears for a change conversation.

With every best wish,