25 Years for our Affiliate and we are Rolling out the Fun!

I’m always excited during the month of January as we create our yearly goals.  We are rested, refreshed, and eager, so the goals are easy to embrace and amazingly clear.

But this year, this 25th year of operation, I am “over the top” with anticipation and excitement!  The plans our Board of Directors and staff have for this affiliate are breathtaking and bold.

Yes, bold!

And with that same attitude, I am ready to meet with as many folks in the community as possible, so I can share our story and pass along the intense excitement we all feel.

In fact, if you are willing to spend an hour with my team and me on January 24th at noon at Baker College (34950 Little Mack, Clinton Township), I can rollout our Silver Anniversary plans for you over a light lunch.

I will be sharing the events we have scheduled; the opportunities you might have to give; and the goals we have set for the next several years.

Though I won’t be ringing the New Years Eve bell, – the smile on my face will reflect the happiness I feel as we finally arrive at our significant milestone of 25 years.

Happy New Years to Macomb Habitat and may the next 25 years serve more deserving families!